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Case 1The God of Widows - Tamar's StoryLINK
Case 2Salvation in Scarlet - Rahab's StoryLINK
Case 3Mother in Israel - Deborah's StoryLINK
Case 4Serpent Slayer - Jael's StoryLINK
Case 5Dangerous Liaisons - Delilah's StoryLINK
Case 6Reality Bites - The Witch of Endor's StoryLINK
Case 7Wings of Shelter - Ruth's StoryLINK
Case 8The Daughter of the Vow - Jephthah's Daughter's Story
Part 1LINK
Part 2LINK
Case 9Born to Rule - Esther's StoryLINK
Case 10First Among Apostles - Mary Magdalene's StoryComing Soon
Case 11I Am Seen - Hagar's StoryComing Soon
Case 12Breath of Life - Eve's StoryComing Soon

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